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Why It’s the AI Way or the Highway for Enterprises

It is a regular day at the Google offices – engineers and innovators are bustling through busy hallways working on ...
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How Data Center Products Can Build Synergies with the Public Cloud

Today’s competitive digital enterprise needs innovative technology to drive organizational agility, resilience, and powerful decision-making. The cloud has risen as ...
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A Data Governance Primer for Enterprises

Data is the new oil, and its full value can be extracted only after processing it to achieve specific goals ...
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The 4 Toughest Challenges to QAOps and How to Overcome Them

Picture this: You’ve handed over your deliverables well within the deadlines and the budget. No, you didn’t have to burn ...
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The Key Role of Data Governance in Securing Customer & Operational Data

It was 2017. A credit monitoring company found out that hackers had breached their data stores and stolen critical information ...
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The Open RAN Wave & Why You Should Know About It

A game is afoot in the thrilling world of mobile communication. It is an exciting game that has sparked countless ...
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The Top 5 DevOps Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

In 2007, Patrick Debois and Andrew Shafer came up with a winning solution for eliminating inefficiencies and delays arising from ...
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[Infoblog] Strengthen Security Operations with ServiceNow

Contact us to enhance your security & risk capabilities with ServiceNow plugins that fit your needs ...
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Transform Financial Operations with ServiceNow Integration

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has 20 million customers across Europe, North America, and Asia. So, when they aimed ...
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Data Governance – the Knight in Shining Armor for Retail?

In the last few years, the retail industry has undergone a massive transformation. As customers become digital natives, their channel ...
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[Infoblog] 0 to M365 in 30 Days!

Want a reason to opt for Calsoft’s Intelligent Data Protection Framework for M365? We give you 7! Retain multiple versions ...
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[Infoblog] Why you should consider Data Governance

Get in touch with our data scientists to chart a detailed data governance plan for your organization. You can also ...
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[Infoblog] Tech Trends 2021

Our brand new Mozaic offerings help ISVs and product companies with an intelligent and agile framework that accelerates their journey ...
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Driving Customer Delight with Data Governance

It’s become so that no business can now overstress the importance of data governance. Data is a treasure trove. Data-driven ...
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Application Development

Is Serverless Becoming the De-facto Mode for Application Development?

Technology has transitioned from being a back-office enabling function of businesses to a key driver of innovation and revenue for ...
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Are Legacy Technologies Delaying the Digital Dream for Established Businesses?

Digital transformation is high on the agenda of many companies. CXOs are making focused efforts to change the status quo ...
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Managed Services or Staff Augmentation, or Both: What Works Best for You?

The fast-moving world demands that enterprises stay upbeat and ahead of the competition. Such times ask for alterations and enhancements ...
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The Rise and Rise of Cloud Native Computing

In the last few years, most companies have realized the need to move crucial components of their business infrastructure to ...
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Computational Storage: Potential Benefits of Reducing Data Movement

Talk of the Storage town today is Computational Storage. In the previous blog, we saw the evolution of storage architectures ...
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[Infoblog] What are companies doing in the computational storage space?

In our upcoming keynote session at SNIA SDC India 2020, we will elaborate on the idea of computational storage and its ...
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