ZFS as a software-defined storage platform

ZFS is a feature-rich file system that makes it valuable as a starting platform for software-defined storage. This post speaks about ZFS features that are of prime importance: Deduplication In ZFS you can set deduplication at files, blocks or bytes...
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VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) – Tech Preview

vVols is a completely new concept designed to be the next generation of storage. However, todays storage protocols cause significant issues in adapting VM-centric approach. They might not realize a sudden change in their existing architecture, but modifications to scale...
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Is it the end of an era for FC SAN?

  The recent changes in the storage industry may be signaling the end of the SAN era. Why? The problem that SAN was designed to solve, still exists, which was to replace locally attached storage. The advent of Gigabit and...
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