With the pressing need to deploy networking services at an accelerated pace to ever demanding mobile subscribers, telecommunication companies worldwide are gearing up to adopt a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) framework within their data centre. There are several striking advantages towards this approach. NFV separates software from hardware, allowing the use of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware while also lowering CAPEX and OPEX. NFV enables chaining of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), giving freedom to select software vendors providing specific services in the form of VNFs instead of opting for monolithic solutions. Moreover, NFV has the ability to scale horizontally and vertically based on spikes in demand.

Adoption of NFV is inevitable, however, a multi-party ecosystem atop off-the-shelf hardware poses several operational challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Interoperability of VNFs from different VNF vendors
  • Interworking between NFV framework elements such as orchestrators, VNF managers, NFV infrastructure managers
  • Compliance to NFV specifications and standards
  • Solution functioning with different hypervisors, hardware and legacy systems

Hardware vendors can leverage Calsoft’s NFV engineering and service offerings to provide validated and benchmarked solutions comprising of hardware and third-party NFV software. Calsoft’s offerings allow hardware vendors to pitch a solution of high business value to their potential customers. Software parties focused on building VNFs can take advantage of Calsoft’s NFV ecosystem and experience in setups consisting of multivariate hardware infrastructure, hypervisors, NFV framework software elements, and multi-party VNFs.

Calsoft’s NFV Services

Calsoft helps customers with the design, development, and deployment of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs):

  • Based on Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)
  • Including L3 Routing to DHCP, NAT, WAN Optimization, uCPE including IPSec VPN, UPnP, etc.

Calsoft also has expertise in containerization of VNFs.

  • Complete end to end functional and coverage testing of solution deployed on NFV ecosystem. For e.g., integrated testing of vEPC and vIMS network for control and data plane
  • Performance and benchmark testing on different hardware and virtualization platforms; generate benchmark numbers and metrics for solution validation
  • Build NFV test automation frameworks for continuous testing of VNFs and NFV components
  • Validate orchestration of VNFs and NFV infrastructure
  • Perform scalability, performance and stress testing
  • Verify conformance and security for a multi-tenant NFV environment
  • Assess impact on SLAs when migrating solutions from legacy systems to NFV ecosystem
  • Propose designs and solution to meet expected SLAs
  • Test VNF software lifecycle (software deployment, upgrade and end of life), monitoring, horizontal and vertical scaling, migration and auto-healing
  • Test VNFs in service chained environments for end result verification
  • Validate VNF forwarding graphs

Publish best practices for:

  • Deployment of VNFs on NFV platform
  • NFV infrastructure
  • NFV software components, orchestrators, NFV Infrastructure managers and VNF managers
  • Deploy commercial test tools to simulate control and dataplane traffic for NFV solution validation and testing
  • Generate required reports and metrics for the NFV ecosystem and VNF solutions deployed; e.g. Mean Opinion Scores for VoLTE traffic, session establishment rates, transaction per seconds
  • Health reports related to NFV infrastructure comprising of faults and events, failures, utilization parameters for compute, storage and network

Calsoft’s NFV engineering services span across:

  • vEPC
  • vIMS
  • CDN
  • NAT
  • Content Filtering
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Firewall
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Intrusion and Malware Detection
  • HTTP Header Enrichment
  • Fixed Access Network Functions
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