Keynotes at Container World 2018

There are 6 keynotes scheduled at Container World 2018. Topics covered in these keynotes are cloud native technologies, serverless computing, containers and orchestrators, etc.

Day 1: 27/02/2018

1] Keynote Programming: Into the Cloud: Modernize Applications Without Tearing Them Apart

Time: 8:30am – 8:50am

Location: Mission City Ballroom

Sometimes it feels too daunting to take on the big challenges, the ones that reflect what it takes to evolve a business. Your business-your apps-feel frozen in time. Yet containers are the key that gives you tools to not only modernize onto the cloud, but also extend your customer value. In this keynote, Jason brings his know-how about enterprises, their legacy needs AND their future journey. That journey is one of security, simplified management, and interoperable environments. Jason’s demo shows the modernization of the classic Pet Store Java app onto public cloud containers, and goes one step more: extends that app with Artificial Intelligence APIs. Stop by our booth afterwards, grab the demo code, and take the MTA challenge. Listen to Jason discuss what it is like to build and manage a cloud, from operations to economics to engineering:

Participants: Jason McGee – VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, IBM

2] Keynote: Are We Ready for Serverless?

Time: 8:10am – 8:30am

In this talk, Expedia’s Vice President of Technology Subbu Allamaraju will talk through the shifting paradigms on cloud, and explore the anchors and engines for serverless adoption.

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.

Participants: Subbu Allamaraju – Advisory Board | Vice President, Cloud, Expedia

3] Keynote Panel: Why Are Cloud Native Technologies so Critical to Giving Enterprises that Competitive Edge?

Time: 9:00am – 9:40am

Importance of community collaboration, coopetition and open source support

  • Insights into industry / community roadmap
  • ‘Solving the unsolvable problems’: what are innovative solution providers doing to help legacy enterprises survive the threat of the cloud native start-up
  • Why cultural change is critical for success

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.


Moderator: Nitin Chopra – Principal, Shasta Ventures

Panelist: Subbu Allamaraju – Advisory Board | Vice

President, Cloud, Expedia

Panelist: Mark Thiele – Advisory Board | Chief Strategy

Officer, Apcera

Panelist: Swarna Podilia – Senior Director, Community,

Cloud Foundry Foundation

4] Keynote: Containers and Orchestrators: A way to navigate lock-in and get the most out of pure open source solutions

Time: 9:40am – 10:00am

Cloud Native Computing is changing the way developers work. Some really tough problems have been solved for building and deploying applications, which has made developers radically more productive. There is another critical advantage associated with the portability and open source DNA of technologies like Kubernetes: they provide a buffer between the infrastructure and the developer. While this offers tremendous flexibility around where applications can run, it also – as with any open source technology brings the risk of balkanization and fragmentation, either with software distributions, or in hosted cloud provider managed services.

During this session Craig McLuckie (one of the Kubernetes founders) will talk about how to maintain flexibility, stay close to the upstream open source communities and avoid vendor lock-in. He will explore the role that software conformance efforts and tools play, how to get closer to the communities that power open source technologies, and how to be pragmatic about dependencies when designing systems. McLuckie will cover not only what exists today, but also look at some of the key things that still need to be done to create an open and vendor neutral world for developers and IT professionals.

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.

Participants: Craig McLuckie – Advisory Board | CEO, Heptio

5] Track Sponsor Keynote: Signal vs. Noise in DevOps: What’s Here to Stay

Time: 11:00am – 11:15am

The DevOps field is far from static, but with that motion comes a lot of noise. It’s hard to know which trends and technologies will stick around, and which will fall by the wayside. Join Scalyr for a sneak peek into the data that reveal the real signal – where DevOps engineers spend their time and resources, and what that means for the future of this dynamic field.

All Access, Conference, Startup Conference or Enterprise Conference pass required to attend this session.

Participants: Chris Robertson – DevOps Evangelist, Scalyr

Day 2: 28/02/2018

1] Keynote Pane: Future View–What will the Container Landscape Look Like in 5 Years

Time: 9:00am – 9:40am

Location: Mission City Ballroom

  • How will containers be used? For which applications? In which industries?
  • What developments, key technologies will continue to dominate?
  • What is the next wave of innovation, emerging technology we should be aware of?

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.

Participants: Moderator: Chris Riley – DevOps Analyst, Fixate IO

2] Keynote: Democratizing Development — How Do Containers, Orchestration, Services, Service Meshes, Marketplaces and Open Source Empower Your Business?

Time: 9:40am – 10:00am

We’ve come a long way from a one datacenter/one server/one service model of operations with long lead times and extreme fragility. If the future is utility compute and a fully composable infrastructure, how do you prepare your developers and your business to benefit from this change? In this keynote, Google Cloud Platform’s Head of Open Source Strategy Sarah Novotny will explore the process and culture changes — which much are harder than the technological changes — up and down the organization.

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.


Sarah Novotny – Head of Open Source Strategy, Google Cloud Platform, Google

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