JFrog Acquires CloudMunch, the ROI Speedometer for Containers and DevOps

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JFrog, the leading DevOps accelerator, acquires CloudMunch, the universal DevOps Intelligence platform, to expand its product offerings for developers. This is the third strategic acquisition by JFrog in eight months, following Dimon, experts in CI/CD, and Conan, the fast-growing open source C/C++ package manager.

In order to succeed in today’s digital world run by software, the adoption of DevOps tools including data measurement and improved software update release cycles are key. JFrog already solves critical pieces of the DevOps toolchain, such as safely storing, managing, and distributing binaries. However, as DevOps becomes even more of a necessity, it’s no longer enough to have high performance tools in place for digital agility. Organizations need to maximize performance further. Getting to the next level requires measuring bottlenecks in order to break through to exceptional performance.

Calsoft Whitepaper: Cloud Integration – New Vistas of Revenue

This white paper also discusses how Calsoft can resolve the technical challenges of integrating storage in the cloud with various approaches, backed by understanding of both cloud requirements and the capabilities of large class of enterprise storage products.


CloudMunch is democratizing DevOps and accelerating the process with a powerful, full stack Intelligence solution. Backed with investment from VCs and VMware, CloudMunch developed a solution to help teams collaborate their software efforts at scale and enable better insights on the software delivery lifecycle. The company’s leadership and strong engineering team based in Seattle, WA, and Bangalore, India will be rolled into JFrog.

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