IoT Smart City Event Tracks at IoT Evolution Expo 2018

IoT Smart City Event is collated with IoT Evolution Expo 2018. Smart City event organizes tracks which allows people to discover the potential of Smart Cities and how connected solutions will drive city wide improvements, better quality of life for residents and business opportunity for enterprises. Here is the list of tracks

  1. Title: Digital Citizen

    • Juan J. Cazila
      IEEE PAR2510 Chair Cisco SE Global Accounts America
    • Sri Chandra
      Sr. Director, Standards & Technology IEEE India
    • Dr. Gerard Hayes
      President & CEO Wireless Research Center of NC
    • Ravi Subramaniam
      Technical Director, Conformity Assessment IEEE Standards Association, USA

    Details: The convergence of 5G wireless capabilities and ubiquitous deployment of IoT devices, harmonization of connectivity and interoperability is needed to enhance innovation. In close collaboration with industry and academic partners, IEEE has launched an initiative to facilitate the Harmonization of Connectivity of the Digital Citizen. This panel presents an overview of the Digital Citizen’s connectedness from personal area networks and sensors to metropolitan scale connectedness within a Smart, Immersive City environment.

  2. Title: Using AI to Improve Lives
    Speaker: Stephen Russo (WW Director, IBM Cognitive City Solutions IBM)
    Details: As cities around the globe grow, change, and revitalize themselves, the need to adapt to constant change while delivering efficient cost effective management is becoming more and more crucial. New business models, new markets, new threats to physical and IT infrastructure will require proactive and preemptive decision making. Natural emergencies and disasters will require modeling for preparedness and the ability to react quickly when disasters do occur. All of This will be essential to create and maintain a healthy economic engine for growth and sustainability. We will explore how the age of “The Internet of Things” combined with cognitive computing can deliver intelligent operational tools which will allow our city officials to deliver high value services to their citizens and business across the domains of: safety, traffic, water, power, waste, maintenance and weather events. We will explore how these technological advancements can be applied to create new models to enable and grow their economic engines.
  3. Title: Clean Water and Other Utilities

    • Scott Scheuber
      Director, Product Management US Cellular
    • Andy Shively
      Special Assistant City Manager City of Kansas City, Missouri
    • Edward Stetter
      GM/CFO SPEC Sensors, LLC

    Details: Smart public infrastructure includes the ability to deliver essential services like clean water, dependable power, safe gas, and efficient public lighting. Smarter management of them is the foundation for smart cities. What sensor strategies and frameworks should be put in place for cities to support their citizens and avoid the missteps recently in the news?

  4. Title: Next Generation Wireless – How Does 5G Narrow Band Improve our Quality of Life

    • Kevin Rogers
      Manager of Solutions Engineering Verizon
    • Erik Varney
      Regional Data Sales Manager Verizon
  5. Title: The Future of Fleet Tracking

    • Ashok Nare
      Founder & CEO Kollabio, Inc.
    • Luke Tang
      Generl Manager TechCode U.S.

    Details: We have had a lot of investment in trials from both the public and private sector in Smart City solutions. We have asked implementers of these solutions to participate and share their experience and frustrations with becoming a Smart City.

  6. Title: The Smart Cities of the South
    Speakers: Terry Yates (Smart Cities Program Manager Cary, North Carolina)
    Details: North Carolina’s Triangle Region is home to more than 2 million people, the Research Triangle Park, three major universities and the cities of Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill. It is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States and a global leader in the deployment of Smart City technology. This workshop will explore how this region is moving “Smart Cities” from a buzz word to a transformative implementation that solves modern problems and provides economic growth.
  7. Title: FirstNet: Getting Answers to Manage CrisisSpeakers:
    • Dr.Gerard Hayes
      President & CEO Wireless Research Center of NC
    • Joe Hernandez
      CEO BuildingDNA
    • Terry Yates
      Smart Cities Program Manager Cary, North Carolina

    Details: The Next Generation of emergency services is not a 911 call but the ability for people to report crisis and for dispatchers to see the entire situation. Where do we stand on getting the network deployed and how is it changing the ways cities react to situations of turmoil.

  8. Title: Improving Building Performance through Data Analytics
    Speakers: Joe Hirl (CEO & CTO Agilis Energy)
    Details: Leverage the millions of records of data being generated annually from your building to materially increase building efficiency without capital improvements. Lessons from more than 3000 buildings across 24 countries will be shared.

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