IoT Security 4.0 Conference Tracks at IoT Evolution Expo 2018

IoT Security 4.0 Conference is collated with IoT Evolution Expo 2018. This conference covers discussions and talks related to IoT security. Here are the list of tracks under IoT Security 4.0 Conference

  1. Title: Role Based Access Control

    • Dennis Hamann
      CEO Mobelisk
    • Tom Lahiff
      Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Operations CyberBridge Group
    • Craig Payne
      Security & Privacy Officer Ayla Networks

    Details: It’s embarrassing how many times we end up reading about a sensor or a system has been breached and hackers use the back door to access consumer information. Part of the issue is that data is not mapped into models of access control. Hear about solutions that allow companies to secure the information and ensure that the data is not available to everyone.

  2. Title: IoT Sensors: Hardened and Tested

    • Tim Hahn
      Chief Architect, Internet of Things Security IBM
    • Greg Hoffer
      Vice President of Engineering Globalscape
    • Douglas Humphrey
      IoT Cyber Security Executive, Architecture Lead Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    Details: IoT device makers face a number of choices when it comes to securing their products. Often security decisions are limited to the needs and limitations of each product. That could, over time, lead to a fragmented set of technologies that need to be managed leading to higher costs. Secondly, security failures can occur at multiple points in a devices lifecycle. How does this impact device security? What are the core principles that all device OEMs must take into consideration to implement an IoT security Strategy and not just a point solution? Is there a framework that can be applied to make the right decision?

  3. Title: Security at the Edge of IoT

    • Todd Krautkremer
      CMO Cradlepoint
    • Arsalan Mosenia
      Postdoctoral Research Scientist Princeton University
    • Riaz Zolfonoon
      Technical Lead, Emerging Technology Group RSA

    Details: The exponential growth of connected devices operating at the edge of the network is creating a wide range of security concerns that require a new approach. As devices proliferate, it’s getting harder to manage security credentials and software, monitor the security status, and provide cost-effective protection through traditional security model that rely on host-based protections and cloud security services. Fog computing—which distributes resources and services of computing, data storage, and smart networking close to end users—can provide a range of new security services at or nearer the endpoints to help address some of these challenges. This panel will discuss how fog computing can meet the stringent latency requirements for security-related processing in mission-critical systems such as industrial control systems and connected vehicles and how to overcome bandwidth constraints for cloud-based security services.

  4. Title: IoT – The S is for Security

    • Erik Giesa
      VP of Products Tempered Networks
    • Tom Gilbert
      CTO Blue Ridge Networks

    Details: People make jokes about IoT security, but the reality is that connectivity can be taken advantage of regardless of whether you deploy IoT solutions or not. How do companies identify and isolate sensors and systems that have back doors and represent threats to the entire network? Hear how companies can implement an IoT Security strategy that manages legacy as well as new opportunities.

  5. Title: The Whole City is Watching?

    • Vince Ricco
      Business Development Manager, Technology Partner Program Axis Communications
    • Tom Shafron
      Chief Technology Officer Clear2there

    Details: Surveillance systems have been deployed in every major city, yet we now have less than 10% of the video is watched by a human. How do we move surveillance to the next level where systems can make us safer and deter crime?

  6. Title: Avoiding the IoT Zombie Apocalypse
    Speaker: Steve Hanna. (Senior Principal Infineon and Trusted Computing Group)
    Details: What are the business and technical implications of new attacks like the CIA’s CherryBlossom toolkit and Mirai? These toolkits go after IoT devices, routers, and gateways. They use sophisticated techniques to compromise these systems, turn them into zombies, and enslave them into botnet armies that are rented out for DDoS attacks. Thus, even mighty giants like Twitter and Netflix have laid low. Hear about the new practices that use hardware security to protect the next generation of IoT devices and routers against such attacks. How can IoT avoid being part of the problem?
  7. Title: The Birds of a Feather Security Q&ASpeaker: Steve Hanna. (Senior Principal Infineon and Trusted Computing Group)
    Details: Until recently most security experts have had open and frank conversations in public about threats. These days’ companies have a tendency to hide their pain. We are hosting this open forum for everyone to improve their cyber security plans. No question is stupid, so ask away. We have gathered some of our best thought leaders into the room to answer any questions attendees have about their unique situations.
  8. Title: IoT Security Strategies

    • Mary Clark
      Chief Corporate Relations Officer and Chief of Staff Syniverse
    • Lawrence Karisny

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