Hasura raises $1.6 million in seed funding to bring Kubernetes to application developers

Press release published by: https://nexusvp.com
Source URL: https://nexusvp.com/press-releases/hasura-raises-1-6-million-in-seed-funding-to-bring-kubernetes-to-application-developers/

Hasura, the San Francisco and Bangalore based developer tools startup, announces that it has raised a $1.6 million seed round investment from Nexus Venture Partners and GREE Ventures. The round was led by Nexus Venture Partners.

The Hasura platform gives developers an extremely high-performance data layer (GraphQL and JSON), API gateway with authentication middleware, and GitOps automation. Hasura also provisions Kubernetes clusters on different cloud-vendors in a single command for developers and allows complete porting of a application from one cloud-vendor to another automatically.

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