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This Hype Cycle evaluates storage-related hardware and software technologies in terms of their business impact, adoption rate and maturity level to help users decide where and when to invest.

Calsoft Whitepaper: Proliferation Of Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)

This whitepaper throws an in-depth light on how CIS is playing crucial role for efficient backups, faster data access, reliable storage, scalability and disaster recovery solutions.


The report does not add any new emerging technology. Storage hardware and storage management software technologies are showing signs of aging. Out of the 34 technologies profiled, seven (20%) have entered the mature mainstream stage, while 12 (35%) have become early mainstream. In the maturing storage market, innovative technologies such as deduplication and SSDs have been adopted by many competitive products, resulting in vendor consolidation, reduced product differentiation and downward pricing trends. This environment is ideal for IT leaders to engage in and benefit from pricing negotiations. Only seven (20%) of the technologies profiled are still at the emerging stage. Specifically, two emerging technologies are showing fast movement on the Hype Cycle curve and increased adoption: file analysis and cloud backup. Both are driven by the increased fragmentation in terms of data location and data management as a side effect of cloud computing and SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365.

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