Fog Computing Workshops at IoT Evolution Expo 2018

Fog computing is the next big thing in the huge world of the IoT. There are 4 fog computing workshops are scheduled at IoT Evolution Expo 2018. Here is the list

  1. Title: Introduction to Fog, The Necessary Architecture for IoT
    Speaker: Lynne Canavan
    Company: Vice President of Marketing OpenFog Consortium
    Details: Advanced IoT applications require new approaches to technology in order to handle the bandwidth, networking, latency and other demands for ultra-fast processing of data-dense applications. This talk introduces fog computing, the technology that bridges the continuum from cloud to things in order to enable IoT.
  2. Title: IoT Use Cases Which Need Fog
    Speaker: Fangyu Li
    Company: Postdoctoral Research Associate, College of Engineering University of Georgia
    Details: Postdoctoral Research Associate, College of Engineering University of Georgia
    Learn how fog is applied to two real-world scenarios: a smart, connected factory and energy exploration.
  3. Title: The Technology of Fog Computing: Architectural Overview & Security Considerations
    Speakers: Charles Byers (Principal Engineer Cisco) & Arsalan Mosenia (Postdoctoral Research Scientist Princeton University)
    Details: Fog Computing has a lot of opportunities as these use cases showcase. We look at the impact of Fog Computing in specific verticals and identify when and where Fog Computing is ideal.
  4. Title: Enabling Fog: Viewpoints from Pioneers and Practitioners in Fog
    Speakers: Sam Bhattarai (Director, IoT Technology & Business Enablement Toshiba Digital Solutions Co. Toshiba Corporation)
    Charles Byers (Principal Engineer Cisco)
    Lynne Canavan (Moderator) (Executive Director Open Fog Consortium)
    Arsalan Mosenia (Postdoctoral Research Scientist Princeton University)
    Riaz Zolfonoon (Technical Lead, Emerging Technology Group RSA)
    Details: Got questions on fog and how it applies to different IoT scenarios? This is the place to get answers. Join in a lively panel discussion by members of the OpenFog Consortium as they answer your questions and discuss the challenges and opportunities in fog.

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