Docker Partners with Cisco, HPE, Avanade and Microsoft to Make Legacy Apps Ready for Hybrid Clouds in Five Days

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Docker today announced a new Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program that enables enterprise IT organizations to modernize legacy applications, transforming them in hybrid cloud deployments while simultaneously realizing substantial savings in their total cost of ownership (TCO). In partnership with Avanade, Cisco, HPE and Microsoft, Docker is helping organizations like Northern Trust, a leading financial services firm, to make existing applications highly secure; more efficient to maintain, deploy and run; and portable to any infrastructure – cloud, hybrid and on-premises.

In the case of Northern Trust, the MTA program enables the Enterprise Technology team to provision traditional applications as much as four times faster than previously – while improving the security profile by scanning for and remediating vulnerabilities more efficiently. Northern Trust has been a Docker user for the past three years and is an investor in the company.

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“Docker gives our IT developers the agility and flexibility to move applications through the testing and production environments more quickly and securely. This speed of deployment will directly benefit traditional applications and support our overall adoption of enterprise agile, allowing us to roll out services to our clients more rapidly,” said Scott Murray, Chief Technology Officer of Northern Trust. “At the same time, the containerized environment, in the long run, will help with improved density in the datacenters, allowing us to better manage our operating costs.”

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