Docker Introduced Moby Project at DockerCon 2017


In order to take the Docker ecosystem to the next level and enable tighter collaboration, Docker introduced the Moby Project at DockerCon 2017. Moby Project is a new open-source project to make containers mainstream and accelerate the progress of the software containerization movement.

Calsoft Whitepaper: Cloud Integration – New Vistas of Revenue

This white paper also discusses how Calsoft can resolve the technical challenges of integrating storage in the cloud with various approaches, backed by understanding of both cloud requirements and the capabilities of large class of enterprise storage products.


Moby has been specially created for system developers, who want to develop their own container centered systems. It is not meant for application developers, who can make use of Docker or similar container platforms. Members of the Moby project can pick from the library of components derived from Docker, or they can choose to “bring your own components” (BYOC) wrapped as containers and can mix and match with all of the components to build a customized container system. Read more about the project here.

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