Docker announces the appointment of Robert Enslin to its Board of Directors

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Docker today announced that Rob Enslin, president of SAP’s Cloud Business Group and Member of the SAP Executive Board, has been appointed to Docker’s Board of Directors. Enslin brings over 25 years of experience in building, scaling and running a global enterprise software company. As a member of Docker’s board, Enslin will help guide and accelerate Docker’s business growth as it delivers a new generation of container platform tools and technologies to enterprise customers.

Calsoft Whitepaper: Storage Performance Testing Guidelines

This paper will illustrate numerous aspects of storage performance and help understand the tricks of the trade for the performance gamut. This will also help understand the performance testing requirements of the storage appliance and translating them into comprehensive test strategy or test plan documents for its successful execution of various user stories to meet the end goals.


Docker is the world’s leading software company for building, securing, and managing applications and services on a global open container platform. Customers using its flagship Container platform offering, Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), are realizing the benefits of reducing the cost of their existing application portfolios by more than 50%, while also leveraging the Docker platform to build and manage a new generation of applications and services.

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