Our eighth mini-blog is dedicated to a concern that the world is now becoming increasingly aware of, especially during the pandemic.

According to a recent McAfee report, the average organization could be utilizing as many as 1,400 different cloud services. With a massive number of people connecting to work-related apps and for entertainment through cloud-based applications, the traffic on the network has exploded. More devices are getting connected to the network. As the number of endpoints has risen so also has the potential risk of cyber-attacks. People are connecting to the enterprise network using personal devices that are not maintained properly leaving organizations open to attacks.

Hackers across the world are using this opportunity to exploit networks and systems and steal personal and corporate data – that otherwise is protected by advanced enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions. This has led to a sudden surge in demand for cloud security applications.

Since companies across the world have been forced to make the shift to a remote work model, it is essential they strengthen their cybersecurity controls. This includes identifying critical risks, implementing stringent access control measures, and using advanced security management tools to proactively identify and tactically reduce risks.

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