vRops(VMware vRealize Operations Manager)


  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager is a vMware product that delivers the quick operations management with application for storage observable across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Using policy based automation, operations team automate key processes and improves IT efficiency.

Purpose of vRops:

  • vRealize Operations Manager allow the entire monitoring ability at one place, across applications, storage, and network devices, with an open and extensible platform aided by third party management packs.
  • vRealize Operations Manager increases efficiency by streamlining key processes with pre-installed and customizable policies while retaining full control.
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager provides quick operations management with applications to storage observable across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Using policy constructed automation, operations teams automate key processes and more IT efficiency.
  • vRealize Operations Manager resolve problems that customers raise, generally monitor environment for problems and respond to alerts that identify problems before customer’s report problems.
  • It’s a VMWare tool used to discover compute, storage and networking resources associated with VMWare ecosystem.


  • vRops Uses the data collected from system resources (objects), vRealize Operations Manager identifies issues in any monitored system component, often before customer notice problems. vRealize Operations Manager also frequently suggests Corrective actions that customer can take to resolve the problem/issues right away.
  • vRealize Operations Manager provide the rich analytical tools which permits the customer to survey and handle the object data to reveal hidden issues, investigate complex technical problems, identify trends or drill down to measure the health of the single object.


  • vRealize Operations Manager rises the efficiency by providing the key process with pre-installed and customizable policies while retaining full authority.

vROPs Management Pack Architecture


  • Custom Dashboard to represent collected metric in various pre-defined widgets provided by vROPs platform
  • Storage Performance Metrics: Periodic collection of approximately 15-20 metrics per appliance
  • Alerts: Periodic polling of events from appliance(s) posted as vROps Alerts.
  • Symptoms/Custom Alert definitions: Approximately 5-10 Custom definitions of Symptoms/Alerts.
  • Capacity Modelling for Badges:
  • Major (3): Health, Risk, Efficiency
  • Minor (3): Depending upon requirements
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