SNIA Storage Developer Conference is a two day event and set to happen from May 24th to 25th 2018 in the IT city of Benguluru. It is one of the biggest conference created by and for Developers.

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is a non-profit trade group that promotes technologies and standards for the storage industry and offers technical work groups & certifications and educational services for IT professionals.

The association was incorporated in December 1997 and has vendor-neutral technology centres worldwide, including one in Colorado Springs. SNIA has eight regional affiliates and forums outside of the United States, in places such as Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Europe, Japan, Malaysia and South Asia.

More about SNIA SDC:

SDC brings together solution-seeking developers, engineers, architects, product/program managers, and technical managers. The event also provides engineering managers, directors, and C-level executives the opportunity to meet the industry’s leading experts, and explore synergies. The 2-day event lets attendees share the best practices and learn about leading storage development topics including file systems, solid state, open source, OpenStack storage, software defined storage, big data, Internet of Things, cloud storage, object storage, SMB2/3, NFS, long-term preservation, RDMA, storage hardware, developer tools, storage networking, security, and more.

Agenda and topics

  • Energy Efficient Storage Methods for Consolidated Servers and Data Centers
  • IoT – Implications to storage architecture
  • Ozone – Object Store in Apache Hadoop
  • Case Study of NVMe performance on top-of-the-line x86 and ARM64 Servers
  • Amalgamation of cognitive computing inside object storage for security compliance
  • Persistent Storage for Containers
  • Manage flash storage efficiently in a multi-tenant cloud environment using QoS and adaptive throttling
  • Container Attached Storage (CAS) architecture for Stateful applications on containers
  • Using Machine Learning for Intelligent Storage Performance Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Storage Tiering using machine learning
  • Data Center Networking – Existing challenges and new advances
  • SNIA Session – Swordfish
  • Next Generation of Ecosystem Storage Management
  • Data-Centric Security
  • How to build a reliable, scalable parallel file system solution using Cloud infrastructure
  • Comparison of write-back strategies
  • Data Architecture for Data-Driven Enterprises: A Storage Practitioner’s View
  • Distributed System with Erasure Coding and NVMeoF

What Calsoft is doing?

Calsoft, an ISV preferred product engineering services partner announced its participation as “SDC India Premier partner” at the Storage Developer Conference (SDC). Being a premier sponsor at SDC, Calsoft will showcase its unique capabilities in the areas of conventional Datacenter technologies and the new disruptive areas alike.

Our speaker Yogesh Anyapanawar (AVP Engineering, Calsoft Inc.) is an experienced engineering leader with strong technical skills combined with a business-centric view of crafting products and solutions. In the course of his professional journey as an ardent technologist, Yogesh has performed multitude of roles including software development, architecting solutions, managing, mentoring teams and technical sales. Noted for leveraging expertise in Datacenter technologies, Yogesh is a motivational leader with experience in leading cross functional teams to achieve strategic and tactical goals. At Calsoft, the role of Yogesh is to streamline and create an engineering organization spanning Storage, Virtualization and closely aligned technologies that forms the base of Calsoft’s unmatched product development services portfolio.

The conference is few days away with lots of excitement being built up around. We look forward to meeting the industry professionals who are passionate about the latest trends in storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud and IoT technology. Tweet us at @CalsoftInc or email us at to know more.

[SNIA SDC 2018 – The Largest Storage Developer Conference in India ~ via @CalsoftInc”]