From BigData to Machine Learning, from machine learning to insight of data. Yeah journey of machine learning development and adoption is much interesting then any other once. From past story of machine learning, it has renounce with much powerful effect this time. Machine learning is  just to ask machine to learn from previous data records. It is being useful in taking fast decision where human power is fail to do so. Lets take some piratical example of live world where machine learning has been already applied, self driving cars, friend’s suggestion on social media, movies or videos suggestion on online video library and many more.

Living in a cloud age we have created most of the platform so affordable to gather data and perform  various operation on it. Just by creating code for your task you need to relax to get consistent result from your system is a part of machine learning features. Its all started from BigData which allows Machine learning task to get piratically applied as machine learning is depend on quantity of data. Machine learning has just changed old fashion of statistics and reduce or eliminate the human interaction and made system more predictive.

Machine learning is part of Artificial Intelligence where you can faster the process of repetitive task.   One of the scenario where Machine Learning has newly applied is Chat Bots. Chat Bots are replacing customer care executive from call-centres as chat bots are performing repetitive task quickly and with high precision. Chat bots use to answer from the data stored previously asked question and suppose if new question arrives then database will get updated. Just by checking one scenario one can claim threat to the repetitive work with little or more precision.

Looking towards business sight of machine learning then two companies get on everyone’s mind that is google and apple. As both company are aggressive towards machine learning products and appliance. Halli Lab from India have been acquired by google while apple got dark data for the machine learning acquisition. This shows how machine learning market is promising for future.

Lastly if we see some technical part process of machine learning then process is passing through stages like determine objective, Collecting data, Model training, Model testing, model application. Well all this stages need to be coded in one or the other language where most of developers are working on R or python. python more stable with all library available for ready to use.

On a concluding note we have to welcome machine learning with good cause appliance only or else  it has power of no end.