Gone are the days when we Data Center organizations needs to deploy thousands of employees and had to put on the huge amount of investment towards the maintenance of their Data centers. Today’s technological advancement has moved to data center automation and this blog will talk about that.

Data Center automation is an initiative to achieve automation process of computation, network and storage layers in physical and virtual environments. There needs to be consistent monitoring of the data center and with data center automation we can achieve automation of all scheduling and monitoring process. On a single page application, one can have insight into server nodes and their configurations. It automates routine processes such as patching, updating and reporting. There is no need to maintain a manual inventory of devices since in the data center every single process is automated.

The performance monitoring of each device does not require different portals to log onto;  a single page application gives performance report of every device plotted into graphs so that offers easy readability to end-users. Storage, networking, virtualization and Cloud (SVNC) comes under one umbrella and can be controlled and managed very easily.  If there had not been automation, then organizations would need to pay huge electricity bills for maintenance of data centers and reporting of data center would not be optimized as there were too many monitoring processes. Human operators deployed for monitoring could also inject human errors and organization may end into losing their Business Continuity and High Availability of Data Center. To conclude by opting for data center automation process, we achieve greener data center solution and achieve efficient business solutions.

Calsoft has expertise in the field of SVNC (Storage, Virtualization  Networking and Cloud) and data centers automation process requires solid knowledge of all these spheres. Hence, Calsoft can help to move your data center towards automation and hence can act as a gateway for providing smarter, efficient and successful Business Solutions by contributing for data center solutions for your organizations.

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