OpenDaylight Summit, a flagship event of technology, is just few days away and it’s been held in Meydenbauer Center, Seattle. This year OpenDaylight have more than 40 sessions, keynotes, tutorials, speakers, etc., which will talk about various topics under the roof of open networking. The major topics which will be highlighted at OpenDaylight events are, OpenDaylight in Virtual World, Teclo & NFV, Developing Solution, More than OpenFlow, Wildcard and OpenDaylight in Practice.

Calsoft Whitepaper: Implicit replication in a Network File Server

This whitepaper discusses the conditions that replication strategies in network file servers need to meet in order to gain widespread acceptance. The paper also describes how these considerations were taken into account in the design of HA-NFS.


ODL Summit is an open platform for developers, SDN community and users to have an intellectual discussion and exhibit the upcoming technologies and latest development in the world of open SDN. It also provides the opportunities for budding developers a deep insight on latest technologies which will be beneficial for their networks and a chance to connect and associate with leading technologist.

Keynote Sessions:

Keynote sessions is the highlight of all the technology events, likewise ODL also brings comprehensive set of keynote which is hard to miss. The ODL keynote sessions includes, ‘OpenStack & Integration for Service Function Chaining’, ’ OpenDaylight Documentation’, ‘Netvirt Advanced Features’, ‘Composing Solutions Stacks with OpenDaylight’, ‘OpenStack in OPNFV’, Software defined networking fundamentals SDN 101, and many more.

Featured Speakers:

ODL brings together the most celebrated mind of technologies; they will share their knowledge/insight in their respective fields.

  • Tom Bie, VP of Tencent Network, will be talking about ‘SDN Transforming’; the presentation will start with brief introduction of Tencent and will move on to talking about operation challenges of SDN/ ODL solution.
  • Santiago Rodriguez, VP of Engineering and Head of Product Development at Ericsson, will talk about ‘The Journey to a DevOps Future’. The session will talk about SDN solution, Openstack, OPNFV, etc.
  • Chris Rice, Vice President at AT&T, Will talk about the ‘History of SDN Control at AT&T. This Session will talk about role of SDN control at service provider, how it evolved and became the valuable route for service control point.
  • Dave Ward, Chief Architect at Cisco Systems, will be sharing his knowledge about ‘Open Networking Umbrella Architecture’; this will be in-depth knowledge session about architectural discussion and overview.
  • Dave Meyer, CTO and Chief Scientist at Brocade Communications will be talking aboutApplying Recent Advances in Machine Learning to Networking’. This session will reflect the latest development in Machine Learning and network application such as ‘Machine learning for Devops’.


Calsoft's OpenDaylight Expertise

Our OperDayLight services include feature/application development, DevOps with SDN, quality assurance testing, automation, analytics and management.

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