We all heard the news right; Nutanix a leader in enterprise cloud computing has finally announced that it is acquiring PernixData a pioneer in scale-out data acceleration and analytics company and Calm.io an innovator in DevOps automation.

PernixData makes software that aggregates all flash-based storage into one sharable pool and accelerates storage performance. It combines the flash storage and solid-state drives to provide high-performance storage for virtualized environments.

On the other hand Calm.io, a Bengaluru, India based company develop “devops” software that automates the software deployment process, no matter that software is running on premises infrastructure or at some public cloud infrastructure like AWS or Microsoft Azure.file-virtualization-with-the-direct-nfs-protocol-cta-whitepaper-design-07

I believe this acquisition is another step towards consolidation of the storage industry. If we closely observe by and large Nutanix and PernixData share a common architectural design philosophy. Both state that the next-generation datacenter fabrics should keep their data and applications closer to each other in order to achieve fastest possible performance, deliver flexibility, be cost effective and have scalable infrastructure. This acquisition will help them develop a next-gen advanced data stack and will replace traditional storage silos and high-latency networks with newer storage-class memory and advanced interconnects. PernixData’s flash caching and optimization technologies can also help them in improving the performance as well.

In near future, Nutanix and other Hyper-Converged Infrastructure vendors will have to think and compete beyond physical and virtual components. Calm.io with its workflow capabilities could help Nutanix with that. According to sources Nutanix is planning to add cloud automation and management capabilities to its existing software stack. With their joint effort and expertise they will weave cloud, platforms and people with each other elegantly.

The best part of this announcement was its timing. It came just before the VMworld kicked off. It cannot be coincidence as both PernixData co-founders are ex-employees of VMware and know the value of VMworld; especially for companies running their own data centers. It’s good to see a healthy competition in the Storage industry and I am looking forward to learn and understand how things are shaping up with Nutanix.

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Anupam Bhide | Calsoft Inc.

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