DockerCon 2016 is just a week away and the excitement is soaring! There are many new additions this year and the Docker community looks forward to witnessing a fruitful and informative event. Containers have in the recent past become an inevitable part of application deployment and management. This aspect will only grow in the near future.

Exciting aspects to make the event more fun filled and jovial have been incorporated. Hack rooms, Mosaic Photo Wall, Sticker Swap Table are all part of this year’s DockerCon. The after party of DockerCon is always the most sorted thing and this year it’s no different. The party will be held in Space Needle and Experience Music Project Museum; the attendees will have to take the historic Monorail system built for the 1962 World’s Fair to the party. They will have to board it at Westlake Center Mall station located at Fifth Avenue and Pine Street. The conference badge will serve as the ride fare.

DockerCon attendees will have full access to the EMP museum and exhibits; they’ll also have a chance to take a ride up to the Observation Deck of the Space Needle which provides a 360 degree view of the city, 520 feet up in the air.

In the event one can look forward to some outstanding aspects that would be discussed. Topics like Open technology that would basically provide a platform for many more technologies to get integrated into services, hybrid cloud, and Application deployment will be taking centre stage.

If you still can’t make it to the event, DockerCon has taken care of this as well. The event will be live streamed. All you need to do is register for it according to the procedures mentioned. It couldn’t be any easier to be a part of this epic event. For more DockerCon updates and more information please visit the event site DockerCon 2016.

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