With the advent of programmable NW concept, the possibilities of innovation within the NW has increased manifold. However, that also brings up a challenge of revamping the existing toolsets like NW Monitoring, Firewall, etc. Another critical area for SDN to succeed is to intelligently use the SDN potential & derive the more efficient & sometimes completely new tools & products.

At Calsoft, we are building a complete SDN Toolset which will is innovative & enables the complex problems to be solved at a click of a button.

Here are a couple of samples.

NW Tracer –
While designing & expanding a NW, IT admins have to take care of multiple things into account.
What would be the latency of my server from different clients which are distributed across the NW, how does a packet change while flowing through the NW from one end to another, etc. ?

Post deployment, debugging NW issues becomes another pain point.

Our smart SDN-based app allows easy detection of all these params without any cabling change.

NW Monitoring –
In larger deployments, IT has to keep track of unwarranted, insecure access, security policy breaches, or even noisy neighbor causing NW issues for others, etc.

With legacy NW solutions, monitoring specific connections is lengthy & cost ineffective.

With our smart SDN-based app, IT admins can capture any connection in the NW sitting at their desk without moving any cabling around.

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Contributed by: Nitin Singhvi| Calsoft Inc.