Today SDN & NFV are the hot technologies in the market. Both solve some kind of NW problems & bring more efficiencies in the NW. However, they are not married & hence reaping their benefits together needs some kind of interoperability mechanism.

And this brings us back to the vendor specific implementation which is what SDN was supposed to end. For e.g. Cloud deployments would want to make use of both the technologies to make their operations cost effective.

At Calsoft, we have built an IP Accelerator to enhance SDN programmability. This IP extends the OFP protocol & enables any switch to be converted into a function-specific NW device like a Parental Control GW or a WAN optimization device or a NW monitoring device, etc.

What more, admin can convert one device functionality to other like converting Firewall to WAN- optimization device at a click of a button.

Admin can, thus build an SDN-backed NFV device to configure his NW extremely easily & cost- effectively.
By the way, it is so extendable that one can build specific NW device functionality & plug it into NW.
Now that’s what we call Icing-On-The-Cake!!

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Contributed by: Nitin Singhvi| Calsoft Inc.