There are many more ways automation can greatly affect functionality of virtual network like performance testing, network auditing etc. So far we have discussed about advantages of automation on different scenarios. This discussion does not end without really knowing the various methods of automation which can help us to decide the automation framework to be chosen for NFV. Different methods of automation are –

  • API based automation
  • CLI based automation (command and scripting)
  • Automation using existing tool / framework

API based automation is most popular technique in the recent days. Programming with APIs from different vendors leverages the power of scripting languages like Python, Perl, and Ruby etc. Here is a list of few popular APIs available for NFV automation.

CLI automation is nevertheless another good way of automation. It gets powered by various types of shell commands and scripts. Here is the list of most popular CLI options for automation for different virtualization platforms.

Another option for automation is to use existing automation frameworks or tools. There are various open source tools available for automating NFV. Some of these tools are listed below –

I hope this blog gives a gist of utilization of automation techniques to leverage the power of network virtualization. Digging into further details about APIs from different vendors will give more insight to your development needs.