Calsoft Attends VMworld 2014

VMworld 2014 San Francisco once again exceeds and sets higher benchmark for hosting successful technology event. The event truly lived upon its theme of endless opportunities. Technology think tank and business heads of Calsoft attended the event and found the experience to be valuable. The venue provided targeted opportunities for attending workshops, group discussions and first hand experiences into new technology products through numerous booth demonstrations.

Exchange of Ideas, information on new technologies and future pathways of the IT/ITES industry as whole were the hallmark of this 4 day event. Calsoft supports and firmly believes in promoting events of such nature. Learning from VM World have been critical in our efforts to share and implement improvements in our understanding of the technology space particularly in Storage, Virtualization and networking.


Impartation of key intelligence on respective domains to our stakeholders, particularly our esteemed customers and partner/vendor network makes attending this event worthwhile. “VM world lets you feel the pulse of the technology market” said Principal Architect, Calsoft.

From a technology perspective, VMworld 2014 summarized Software defined Storage (SDS) as the next logical step in the evolution of not just storage, but also virtualization technology. VMware has made its move by introducing virtual SAN (VSAN), along with VMware vSphere® Flash Read Cache™ and virtual volumes (vVOLS) among others.


From a business stand point, the event allows initiating networking opportunities and understanding potential requirements from various entities. “First hand understanding of the challenges and expectations from companies help us align our services/product portfolio” said Business Development head, Calsoft.

Best of all, the event surfs the globe every few months, thus presenting opportunities to companies and professionals from across the globe to synergize and collaborate. VM world Barcelona is next.

Being champions in the SNV domain, Calsoft can be your best partner to help you achieve your product goals and add tremendous value to your product portfolio.

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Calsoft Inc

Calsoft is a leading software product engineering services company specializing in Storage, Networking, Virtualization and Cloud business verticals. Calsoft provides End-to-End Product Development, Quality Assurance Sustenance, Solution Engineering and Professional Services expertise to assist customers in achieving their product development and business goals.
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