OpenStack came up with its new release called ‘OpenStack Grizzly’ earlier this April. This release is seventh in the row and is driven by users who have been running OpenStack in production for the past year and have asked for broader support for the compute, storage, and networking technologies they trust and even greater scale and ease of operations. The initiative’s contributors are reportedly up 45% in the last six months and Grizzly is supposed to deliver the broadest support for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and enterprise technologies, SDN being the latest techno-craze. Here is a video* that summarizes all about Grizzly:

Earlier in this blog we talked about OpenStack and its components. In this post we will talk about 4 key facets
that OpenStack Grizzly underpins:

  1. Process improvements
  2. Nova improvements
  3. Quantum
  4. Cinder

Process improvements
Grizzly enhances process improvements by way of better core infrastructure (or CI) framework. It emphasizes on testing as a whole by improving configuration testing, upgrade testing, gating integration testing, performance testing and scalability testing.

Nova improvements
Grizzly does quite an augmentation to Nova features such as:

  • Real time node monitoring
  • New features in Bare metal provisioning
  • HPC for OpenStack
  • Boot from Volume improvements
  • Nova cells
  • Hyper-V improvements
  • Glance Direct Image File Copy

Quantum gets a revival in Grizzly theme by overall improvised CI by way of:

  • Closing Nova Quantum gaps
  • Orchestrating Quantum modular L2 plugin and agent
  • Adding Quantum L3 service insertions
  • Security groups: allows L3-L4 packet filtering for security policies to protect virtual machines.
  • Support for XML API.

Cinder gets some upright improvements with Grizzly release. Particularly the new Cinder API and multi backend support. Other key enhancements include:

  • Multi volume type scheduling
  • List bootable volumes
  • IOPs metering and billing
  • Volume backup and resize
  • NAS extensions
  • Block storage backup to swift

Factually, contributors added nearly 230 new features across compute, storage, networking and shared services in the cloud platform. Vendors like HP and NetApp welcomed Grizzly with wide open arms and rolled out their new cloud offerings built around OpenStack Grizzly. The next release due for OpenStack is ‘Havana’ which is scheduled for October 2013.

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